How Can I Improve My Golf Game – Use This Simple Process

How Can I Improve My Golf Game – Use This Simple Process

Are you struggling with your golf game? Are you looking for ways to reduce your golf handicap? Do you have specific problems with Driving or Iron Play, Putting or Bunker Play, Chipping or Pitching?

Let’s assume you’re like me. You do some things well on the golf course but are lacking in other areas. For example, you may be an excellent driver of the golf ball, but you have a lot of trouble with your approach shots. Another example, you chip the ball extremely well, but you have trouble with putting. If any of these scenarios sound like you, then you need to continue reading.

Most golfers today, whether they are just beginners or experienced, are always looking for ways to improve their golf scores. Golf Clash Hack They go about this in several ways:

Practice is a good way to reduce your golf score as long as you are practicing the right way; most golfers don’t know how to practice.

Listening to advice from other golfers might be OK as long as it is good advice; most of the time, a tip from a buddy won’t work for you.

Taking golf lessons might help but they are usually very expensive and the pro wants you to take several lessons.

Buying golf videos does not work because there are so many alternatives and it is easy to get overwhelmed and confused. You can’t take the video to the practice range.

I’m a senior golfer; I play about three times per week. I’ve been playing the game for a long time. I don’t hit the ball as well as I used to. I’ve never broken 80, although I did shoot an 80 several years ago. I’ve had one hole-in-one in 40 years. I’m just the average golfer trying to have some fun on the course. There a lot of average golfers out there like me. Research shows that 90% of all golfers will never break 100 and the average 18 hole golf score for all golfers is 97 for men and 114 for women.

Last year my handicap ballooned to a 27!! I had trouble breaking 100!! I was extremely frustrated; golf was no longer fun. I tried all of the above methods without much success. I was actually driving the ball well. However, I can honestly say that was the only part of my game that seemed to be working. My approach shots were chancy; my sand play was terrible, and my putting was unpredictable. I practiced for hours on the putting green and driving range. Several of my buddies tried to help me by making suggestions; the result -I got more confused and my game suffered. I took several golf lessons from our golf pro – same result. I bought several videos – no help.

Let’s take an actual example of a round I played last year. I approached the toughest par 4 on my home course; it measures 415 yards. I hit a good drive down the middle. My second shot went into a deep front bunker. I hate sand shots; it took me two shots to get out. I had a putt of 25 feet; I hit it past the hole, missed it coming back, and had to settle for 3 putts. That’s a 7 after hitting an excellent drive. This was typical of my game last year. You can see why I was concerned.

I was desperate; I needed to look for some ways to improve. I got tired of being frustrated with my game and decided to do something about it. I started doing some serious research. I went online and reviewed several golf resources regarding specific golf skills. I found several articles and videos easily just by using Google. Much of the information was free.

I found information on several golfing skills including: Driving, Iron Play, Pitching, Chipping, Sand Play, Putting and several others. I also found information on how to shape my shots, the mental part of the game, and several other aspects.

Then, one at a time, I created a folder for each golf skill. For example, I took notes from several sources on Putting; then, I created a folder on putting.

Let me tell you what happened. I took some time, studied the information, and made some notes on a small 3×5 index card. Then I took the card to the putting green and practiced using the card as a reference. Here’s what happened; before, I was averaging 38 putts per round. It took two weeks; I played golf four times after my study and practice sessions. I could not believe it. Now I’m averaging 32 putts per round and once in a while I sink a long one. I very seldom three putt.

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