Grieving Over the Loss of a Pet

Grieving Over the Loss of a Pet

The grief over death has no bounds. It happens to everyone. From the time we are children until our own death we go through many periods of grieving. Whether it be grief over the loss of a human or of a pet we all go through this process of grieving. The grieving process also occurs when a family pet dies.

Most people can deal with the grief over a death. For some, though, it is a really challenging time which can sometimes be extremely difficult to get over. I know because I was one of those who really struggled.

My Story

In October of 2014, just a few weeks after her twentieth birthday, I had to put down my best companion. Since she was six weeks old she had been with me but I met her before she became mine because I delivered her at birth.

Ever since I could remember I had never been alone. Since the age of 4 or 5 I’ve always had a pet. Now I was alone. I felt really empty inside.

At first I went through the emotions of grieving. Sadness and depression was my new reality. Emptiness and loneliness soon followed. Then anger. All the time I was becoming more depressed.

So I started searching online for some type of support group. I found plenty. I contacted most of them. When I told my story the answer was always the same. “It’s a dog. Get over it!” That just created more anger followed by more KOA depression. Doesn’t the loss of a pet also deserve support for your grief?

Every time I saw someone walking their dog I became angrier. How dare they have a pet when I had just lost mine? The more I thought these thoughts, the more I realized that I needed help. But where do you turn when most support groups are geared towards the grieving process of losing a human companion?

Then one day I came across a book by Robin Jean Brown. A book that dealt with the grief over the loss of a family pet. So I got it. And I am really grateful that I did.

ROARing through Pet Loss

“How to ROAR: Recovering from the Grief of Pet Loss” really his home to me when I read her story. She went through all of the same emotions that I did. All the same loneliness. The anger. Everything. And she said it was OK. A perfectly natural process.

Robin’s book was way different than any other I’d seen on the grieving process and how to deal with it. He book got you involved. It made you develop a journal about your recently departed pet. It was an exercise of memories.

Right from the very beginning she involves you in remembering your late pet. She gets you involved in healing yourself. And that’s the best way to deal with grief

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