Download Free PDF eBook

Download Free PDF eBook

How many times have you read this offer all over the internet? What is your first thought? If you were like me, it used to go like this, “Ah, someone wants to send me some computer file/stuff, and maybe there is like a virus or something, but PDF files are cool.” I would fail the 2-question pop-quiz. 1. ” What does PDF stand for?” Answer went like this: “Adobe electronic output thingie”. 2. “Who is the biggest user of PDF files?” Having spent more than anyone in a higher education setting, the answer was a fast-and-hard no-brainer: the educational/college system.

The correct answers, in order, are Portable Document Format and the Federal Government. If you are like most people, you have probably encountered your first PDF document when downloading tax forms from the IRS. As I came to learn, that is no due process of business. Adobe developed the original PDF format for the Federal Government who was in search for a way to store its legal files.

That’s all interesting, but why should we care? Below are the reasons why for the reader and the sender:

For the Reader:

*Easy Download: Anyone doing their thing around the Internet realizes these files are easy to download, and readable on almost any platform. Once again, this isn’t some casual occurrence. Files are smaller (quicker transfer), and compatible with PC’s and Macs alike, and by design.

*Free Reader-ware: Some publishing programs don’t open later or earlier versions of their programs, like MS Publisher, meaning, they are not cross compatible with each other. Upgrades cost money, the cost being plus/minus $150.00 or so. That is all you get for your $150.00. As most already know, PDF can be accessed with free reader, updates too, software. That means: free AND cross-platform compatible.

*Viral Resistance: As a reader, my Delete PDF Pages  biggest concern when I download from the net, is the transference of viruses. I do have virus and spyware protection, and I’m all set to have this check out my transfers when I see “Download Free Ebook”. It’s a great peace of mind, but so is this fact. PDF files are highly virus, worm, and Trojan horse resistant. And for those of us with full versions like Adobe Acrobat Standard, when we see a file ending .pdf.pdf or doc.exe, we to delete it if our virus protection program hasn’t got it already. So, I see ‘download free ebook’, and sometimes ‘download pdf file’, which is better, I know I’m not setting my computer up for digital mayhem.

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